Battery Pack (HV)

Technical parameter

High voltage output

Up to 200V voltage output, single package can be used


Strong scalability

It can be connected in series or in parallel, adjusted flexibly


BMS management integrated

Integrated BMS management inside the battery pack, no need for a separate master


Comprehensive security protection functions

Real-time monitoring of cell voltage, current and temperature, three-level fault warning and multiple hardware and software protections


Overshoot and overdischarge protection

The contactor switch is used inside, and the switch is reliable; the over-discharge system is automatically powered off to reduce its own loss


Precise power calculation

High-precision sampling devices, combined with a variety of SOC algorithms

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-204V32AH
Battery cell Li-ion (LiFePO4)
Capacity (AH) 32
Number of cell strings 64
Rated voltage (Vdc) 204.8
Rated capacity (Ah) 32
Rated energy (Wh) 6553
Depth of discharge 90%
Operating voltage range (Vdc) 185.6~227.2
Maximum current (A) 32
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)500*200*700
Communication method CAN/RS485
Working temperature (℃) 0~50
Storage temperature (℃) -20~60
Altitude (m)<2000
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