30-60kW Hybrid Inverter / Three-phase

product features

PV &Storage system

Integrated PV and storage system model, supporting various kinds of batteries, and integrates EMS smart energy management system


Smart switching

Modular design, supporting multiple parallel connections, expandable power and capacity


Wide voltage input range

wide PV voltage input range 180V-1000V,wide batteries voltage range 220V-800V


Safe and Reliable

IP54 protection, all-aluminum design, built-in anti-lightning protection, high precision leakage protection


smart and simple

Ultra silent,,flexible communications,support remote/local USB upgrade


Efficient power generation

High-current instantaneous charge-discharge switching to improve power generation efficiency

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-EST30KH

PV input parameters

Maximum input power (W) 36000
Maximum input voltage (d.c.V) 1000
MPPT operating voltage range (d.c.V) 180-900/630
MPPT operating voltage range at rated power (d.c.V) 300-900
Starting voltage (d.c.V) 180
Maximum input current (d.c.A) 36/36/36
Maximum short circuit current (d.c.A) 42/42/42
Number of MPPT channels and strings 2/2/2

Grid-connected parameters (AC)

Rated power (W) 30000
Maximum apparent power (VA) 30000
Rated Voltage(Vac) 400,3L/N/PE
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60
Maximum current (a.c.A) 45
Power factor range 0.8 ind...0.8 cap
Current THD(@rated power) <3%

Battery Port

Maximum input/output voltage (d.c.V) 800
Operating voltage range (d.c.V) 220-800
Maximum charge/discharge current (d.c.A) 100/100
Maximum input/output power (W) 30000
Battery type Lithium battery/lead-acid battery

Off-grid parameters(Backup AC output)

Rated voltage (a.c.V) 400,3L/N/PE
Rated frequency(Hz) 50/60
Rated output current (a.c.A) 45
Rated output power (W) 30000
Maximum apparent output power (W) 30000
Maximum single-phase apparent output power (VA) 10000
On/off-grid switching time <10ms


Maximum efficiency >98.2%

Protection parameters

AC overcurrent protection Yes
Ground fault detection protection Yes
Power grid monitoring protection Yes
Residual current detection protection Yes

Basic parameters

Dimensions (W/H /D) 800*600*280mm
Weight(Kg) 50
Operating temperature range (℃) -25℃ …+60℃(>45℃ derating)
Noise (dB) <=40dB(A)
Working altitude (m) <=4000m(>2000m derating)
Static loss <1W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling method Integrated fan
Ingress protection rating IP54
Relative humidity 5-90%
DC interface type Push-in terminal
AC interface type Terminal block
Display LCD
Communication method RS485 (WiFi/GPRS optional)
Installation method wall-mounted/floor-standing
Specifications Size Type Down
EST Series Product Specifications 30-60KW 52.0KB PDF
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