30kW Hybrid Inverter / Three-phase

Technical parameter

Modular design

Modular design, supporting multiple parallel connections, expandable power and capacity


Smart switch

Off-grid operation, supporting emergency power supply, supporting three-phase imbalance and seamless switching


Wide voltage input range

Ultra-wide PV voltage range 180V-1000V, battery ultra-wide voltage range 432V-864V


Safe and reliable

Smart air cooling, low temperature rise, long life time, multiple protection functions


Smart and simple

Supporting GPRS / WIFI / RS485 / USB, LED touching screen, supporting remote monitoring


High power efficiency

High-current instantaneous charge-discharge switching to improve power generation efficiency

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-30KW-130KWH

PV Input

Maximum PV Voltage 1100V
MPPT operating range 180V-1000V
Max input power 36KW
Rated input voltage 630V
Number of MPPT 3
Maximum input current 108A
Maximum current per MPPT 36A/36A/36A
Short circuit current per MPPT 42A/42A/42A
Terminal interface Quick plug

AC Input and Output

Type of grid Three-phase
Max apparent power 30KVA
Rated power 30KW
Rated voltage/voltage range 400V/310V-480V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum current 45A
Total harmonics <3%
Grid interface Quick plug

UPS Port

Max apparent power 30KVA
Max single-phase apparent power 30KW
Rated voltage (single/three) 230V/400V
Maximum current 45A
Peak power 36kW/10s
Frequency range 45-55Hz/55-65Hz
On/off grid switching time <10ms
Terminal interface Quick plug

Battery Port

Operating voltage range 432V-518V
Charge/discharge power 30KW
Charge and discharge current 100A
Rated capacity 130KWH
Available capacity 120KWH
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