About platform
Through Koyoe new energy monitoring platform, users can centrally monitor, store, analyze and display the data and operation status of the power station, so as to know the operation management status of the power plant and the data energy efficiency analysis, and estimate the revenue, so as to provide a substantial scientific basis for the economic operation and the design of the power station. Through real-time communication technology, the fault information is processed and diagnosed quickly, which provides technical support for the safe operation of the power station.
Platform features
  Manage user's information and power plant equipment;
  Check relevant data such as operation status, power generation and revenue, and has report function;
  Visual interface, displaying the data as well as the operation status of the power station and its equipment in the form of charts;
  Has the functions of checking version information, online updating, collecting user feedback, remote inverter upgrading, etc;
  Diagnose faults remotely so as to ensure safety and reliability even if no one is on duty in the power station;
  Can dispatch and control local grid , realizing functions of TS, TM, TC, TA and TV.




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