Product overview
KY-5000 series products can measure all the common power parameters, such as three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, quantity of electric charge, harmonic wave, etc., and has perfect communication networking function. It has RS-485 (Modbus RTU) data communication mode, and forms a remote monitoring system with the server to realize real-time data monitoring and realize tele-signalization, telemetering, telecontrol and other functions, which is very suitable for real-time power monitoring system.
The meters of this series can directly replace the auxiliary units related to power transmitter and measuring indicator light. Through the selection of function and scalability module, it can realize digital communication, transmission and functions of YX, YC, YK and YT. It has been widely used in high, medium and low voltage switch cabinet, distribution (metering) box and other power equipment, integrated into various control systems, SCADA systems, to achieve remote meter reading and other energy management functions.
Product functions
Measurement functions
• True RMS 3 channel current measurement;
• Measurement of single phase active power and total active power;
• Measurement of single phase apparent power and total apparent power;
• Active power measurement;
• Apparent power measurement;
• Neutral wire current measurement, external surplus current transformer;
• 2~31 times of harmonic wave measurement;
• Three phase unbalance;
• True RMS 3-phase /wire voltage measurement;
• Measurement of split phase reactive power and total reactive power;
• Measurement of split phase power factor and total power factor;
• Reactive power measurement;
• Frequency measurement;
• One channel temperature measurement.
Protection functionS
• Delay protection through switch;
• Phase angle of voltage and current;
• Leakage, over-current and over-voltage protection.
Other functionS
• Relay output and signal input;
• Applicable to CT and PT input;
• Large screen LCD is used as human machine interface, which is easy to operate;
• Event log;
• Record of switch actions;
• Max. Voltage 500v;
• RS-485 communication in accordance with Modbus RTU protocol.
Technical parameter
Parameter KY5000-A

Measuring range

Voltage 10~500V
Current 0.01~5A
Active power 0~9999kW
Reactive power 0~9999KVar
Apparent power 0~9999KVA
Active electric energy 0~99999999kWh
Reactive energy 0~99999999kVarh
Power factor 0.2~1.0
Frequency 45~65Hz

Measurement accuracy

Voltage 0.2%
Current 0.2%
Active power 0.5%
Reactive power 0.5%
Apparent power 0.5%
Active electric energy 0.5%
Reactive energy 0.5%
Power factor ±0.02
Frequency ±0.02

other parameters

Output 2-way switch input, 2-way relay output
Communication RS-485 data communication, MODBUS protocol, RTU mode
Voltage input range 10-500v allowable overload: 120% * range
Communication 0.01~5A allowable overload: 2 times rated continuous, 10 times rated for 2 seconds
Working power AC:85~265V,45~65Hz
Power waste <5VA
Working temperature -20~55℃
Working humidity 20~95% No condensation
Storage temperature -25~+75℃
Storage humidity 20~95% No condensation
Altitude <2000M
Dimensions 86(D) x 86(W) x 100(H)
Installation mode Embedded installation, opening size:83mm*83mm
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