Battery Packs for Industrial Energy Storage System

Technical parameter

Safe & reliable

LiFePO4 cell, high energy density


Smart air cooling

Air duct design for heat dissipation, quickly reduce the temperature of the battery cell


Cell monitoring

Real monitoring of cell voltage, 3 level protection and automatic alarm and protection


Support series connection

Up to 12 battery modules can be connected in series and can be stacked


Independent switch

Independent DC micro-disconnect switches to disconnect individual battery packs


Electric energy balance control

Balance cells, Reduce the difference in cells voltage and prolong the battery life。

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-51V280AH
Number of cells 16S
Nominal Voltage (Vdc) 51.2
Voltage range(Vdc) 46.4~57.6
Rated Energy (kWh) 14.3
Rated current(A) 140
Max current(A) 280A
DOD 85%
Cycles 8000
Communication CAN
Operation Temperature (℃)0~50
Storage Temperature (℃) -20~60
Protection Class IP21
Dimension(mm) 250*543*800
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