Active Power Filter

Products Features

harmonic compensation

It can filter 2~50 harmonics at the same time, or set the compensation times of harmonic current and the compensation rate of each harmonic selectively according to the need


Reactive power compensation

Capacitive sensibility (-1~1) infinite compensation, PF1.00 perfect reactive power compensation effect.


Three phase unbalance compensation

Three-phase active power unbalance compensation, three-phase reactive power unbalance compensation, phase separation compensation.


Learning function

The original intelligent Fourier algorithm can automatically learn the grid environment and system impedance, effectively avoid system shock, so that the system can achieve the most stable compensation state.


Harmonic monitoring

In the process of load change, if there is resonance, the equipment will automatically judge and exit the system, and alarm at the same time to avoid failure.


Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature of ABC three-phase heating device (IGBT and inductor) in real time, when the temperature is too high, it will issue an overtemperature alarm, and automatically shut down to stop compensation.

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-50-APF

System parameters

Rated input line voltage 200V(-20% ~ +20%);380V(-40% ~ +20%);220V(-40% ~ +20%){ Single phase APF}
The grid frequency 50/60Hz(scope:45Hz ~ 62Hz)
Number of parallel machines There is no limit
The machine efficiency ≥ 97%
The network structure three phase three wire system / three phase four wire system
Current transformer 150/5 ~ 10,000/5
Circuit topology Three-level Inverter

property index

Rated capacity 050A/100A/150A
Harmonic compensation support
Reactive power compensation support
Unbalance compensation support
Filter range 2 ~ 50
Selection of filtering frequency 2 ~ 50 times for any number of optional
The degree of filtering 2 ~ 50 times can be adjusted arbitrarily
Harmonic filtering rate > 95%(Third-party test data)
Quick response time < 50μs
Full response time < 5ms
Target power factor Adjustable from -1 to 1
Control arithmetic FFT algorithm, intelligent FFT algorithm, instantaneous reactive power algorithm
Switching Frequency 20kHz
Intelligent air cooling 75L/Sec、151L/Sec、300L/Sec、405L/Sec
Noise label < 56dB

Communication monitoring capability

Communication interface RS485,Network port (optional)
Communication protocol Modbus 、TCP/IP
Module display interface LCD multifunctional touch color screen;The LED light
PC software optional
Protection function Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, reverse protection of inverter bridge, overcompensation protection
CT monitoring alarm yes
Fault alarm Yes, up to 500 alarm records
Monitoring Support independent monitoring/support centralized monitoring

Mechanical properties

installation Wall mount/rack type
Dimensions (width * depth * height; mm³) 440*470*150、440*590*190、440*600*230、500*510*270
Suttle 18kg、35kg、36kg、48kg
color Black fine sand lines

Environmental requirements

Altitude ≤ 1500m, 1500-4000m, according to GB/T3859.2, every 100m increase, the power is reduced by 1%
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Relative humidity 5%~ 95%,There is no lon
Protection grade IP20,The remaining IP levels are customizable


Follow the standard IEEE519、IEC 61000-3-6,ER G5/4
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