Active Power Filter

Products Features

Suitable for fast changing situations

Full response time is less than 15ms, dynamic response time is less than 15μs.


Matching capacitor

The current type device consisting of IGBT can be turned off to avoid resonance phenomenon.


Dynamic bidirectional

It can dynamically adjust the reactive power in two directions (-1~1) continuously.


Modular design

Covering an area less than or equal to the same capacity of other types of dynamic repair 50%, modular design and cabinet installation, engineering design and installation workload is small.


Low voltage effect

It is less affected by the system voltage, and can output the reactive current close to the rated condition when the system voltage is low.


The compensation effect

SVG capacity can be 20%~30% smaller than SVC capacity.

Technical parameter
Parameter KY-100-SVG

System parameters

Rated input line voltage 400V
Input phase voltage range -40% ~ +20%
The grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz( scope:45Hz~63Hz)
Number of parallel machines Unlimited
The machine efficiency 97%
The network structure three phase three wire system / three phase four wire system
Current transformer 150/5~10000/5

Property index

Circuit topology Three-level Inverter
Single module compensation capacity 100kvar
The response time < 15ms
The compensation scope The capacitive sensibility is continuously adjustable
Cooling mode Intelligent air cooling,405L/sec
Noise indicator/single module < 65dB

Communication monitoring capability

Communication interface RS485,CAN(Optional),EMAC
Communication protocol Modbus protocol
monitoring Independent monitoring, centralized monitoring of optional parts

Mechanical properties

Fixed way Rack type, wall-mounted type, FCL type
Into the way of line Rack type back line, wall type up line, the whole cabinet for up line or down line
Dimensions (W * D * H, mm³) 500*470*270(Machine cabinet)500*267*545(wall-mounted)
Suttle 48kg
color RAL7035

Environmental requirements

The altitude ≤ 1500m,1500~4000m , GB/T3859.2,For every 100m increase, the power decreases by 1%
Operating temperature -10~40℃
Relative humidity 5%~ 95%,There is no lon
Protection grade IP20,The remaining IP levels are customizable


Follow the standard IEEE519、IEC 61000-3-6,ER G5/4
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